I have a treatment for Hiv-Aids but nobody cares.
Arsenio Hall, I tried to tell you but you didn't get the message.

Yes. I saw you on the Apprentice about a year go and you said you wished someone would find a cure for Hiv-Aids. So I thought you would surely be interested to know that we have a treatment. It's not a medication.

So, you wished someone would find a cure? But if someone did find a treatment that works two-thirds of the time how would you find out about it? I'm sure it never crossed your mind that a treatment could be found but not by traditional medicine. You know what, there is a lot of healing being done that is not part of traditional medicine.

Yes, I tried very hard to reach you until now finally I resort to public blogging in hopes you will see this.

There really is a treatment that is free when you Do It Yourself. And we now have CD or MP3 that will cost something but then you don't have to do it yourself.
The person will test HIV negative. I myself believe it will work more than two-thirds of the time but that is the official estimate.

But it is not a cure because it is not a medication.
Please read about our Unique Natural Alternative HIV-AIDS Treatment.
 Could somebody please tell Arsenio Hall about it.


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