Are you young but have an Old Brain?
Or are you old and have an Old Brain?
Then this article is for you.

The symptoms are (Spino)Cerebellar Ataxia, Fecal Incontinence, and Muscle Weakness. These three go together so I named this Old Brain Syndrome.

Cerebellar Ataxia or Spinocerebellar Ataxia is a problem of muscle coordination that especially affects your (walking) gait. Sometimes there is a known cause such as genetic but often there is no known cause. The diagnosis will be Unspecified or Idiopathic. Those are the ones I am interested in. If you have (Spino)Cerebellar Ataxia, probably you will need a walker. Probably you will need adult diapers because you will be fecal incontinent and maybe urinary incontinent also. Probably you won't be able to drive because you can drive the car but your muscles are so weak that you cannot close the car door. Also you will be too weak to get your walker in and out of the car. These 3 symptoms, Ataxia, Incontinence, and Muscle Weakness, go together so often that I have named this Old Brain Syndrome. It is caused by atrophy (shrinking) of the Cerebellum or Spinocerebellum.

There are other symptoms that might go along with Old Brain Syndrome. Different people show different symptoms. Such as balance problems, fatigue, cognitive decline, speech problems, vision problems, spasticity, low blood pressure, dementia, psychoses, mood disturbances, etc.

If you don't believe me, do an internet search for these terms in brackets [cerebellar ataxia incontinence muscle weakness]. You will find they appear together and lots of people have it.

Now here's the thing: I would expect people 70 years and older might have these symptoms of Old Brain Syndrome, and some do. But there are many people about 50 years old, even 45 years old, that have Old Brain Syndrome. If you don't believe me, read the Wheat Belly book.

Even more astounding, nobody seems to care. By that I mean the Medical Doctors will tell you there is no cure, there is nothing they can do, they don't know the cause, it is not reversible. One Neurologist even told my friend she should go home and wait to die!  And furthermore, the media isn't telling us about this. Nobody is warning you about this.

So I asked myself, what causes the Brain to age normally (70+ years) because maybe it is the same thing that causes the Brain to age early (about 50 years). And I believe it is nutritional and especially B-Vitamins. It could be other nutrients but for my friend it is B-Vitamins.
Here's why I think it's B-Vitamins that's causing Old Brain Syndrome:

  • Alcoholics have the same symptoms and it is because of Thiamine or B-12 deficiency.
  • Children with Ataxia have been cured with mega-doses of Thiamine.
  • The Mayo Clinic website says Ataxia can be caused by B-12 deficiency. And it is only a small deficiency so it doesn't show up with the usual testing for vitamin deficiencies.
  • The more calories you eat the more Thiamine you need or you will get symptoms of Beri Beri which are similar to Old Brain Syndrome. Most of us eat lots of empty calories.
  • 50% of tested people with Old Brain Syndrome also had antibodies to Wheat. Wheat is our best source of B-Vitamins and if they have allergy to it then probably they cannot make use of those vitamins which is why they have Old Brain Syndrome.
  • All the significant health problems and symptoms my friend has had since about 20 years old could be caused by B-12 deficiency, including loss of Smell and Uterine Cancer. Her medical history clearly shows the link between B-12 progressing to Old Brain Syndrome.
Even if you have a good diet that already includes B-Vitamins, you could still get Old Brain Syndrome, because you might have an allergy or sensitivity to the B-Vitamins. Well, of course, orthodox medicine can do nothing about that. But I know a treatment. It's not a drug, though. It's the special acupressure treatment, NAET. Read the Say Goodbye to Illness book. NAET will get rid of the sensitivity to B-Vitamins, Wheat, or whatever. You will have to spend some money, though. Maybe you can learn to do the treatments yourself. There are other practitioners who do similar treatments with different names.

I should also probably warn you, in case you don't know this, Old Brain Syndrome is progressive. That is, if you don't do anything then you will get worse and worse until you can't do any of your Activities of Daily Living, probably in a wheelchair, and probably in Assisted Living.

So what you need to do is get yourself some NAET treatments to clear your allergy/sensitivity to Wheat and B-Vitamins, probably take B-Vitamin and B-12 supplements, and try to reverse current symptoms with these treatments for Cerebellar Dysfunction and a treatment for Freidrick's Ataxia.

Well, please let me know if you can add insight or suggestions here.

November 6, 2013.


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